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Digital technology has changed how we do business forever. Every business, every organisation, collects personal information in some form. The onus for protecting this personal information is shifting from regulators to the organisations that hold it – the enforcement regime is much tougher and the risk of litigation much higher.

It is now crucial to proactively manage the personal data your organisation collects, and where possible to minimise or de-identify personal information. Well-managed information is also a valuable business asset that can drive growth.

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  1. Do you collect information about living people?
  2. Do you have employees, a marketing database or client list?
  3. Do you collect identification details from your clients/customers?
  4. Do your clients send you their clients’ personal data to process on their behalf?
  5. Do you send out personal data to third parties for processing on your behalf?
  6. Do you use cloud services to store your data?

If you have answered Yes to one or more of these questions, you need to take steps to get compliant.

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Better management of personal data

Many organisations are aware of data security, but don’t have any processes or systems that address data protection. Not only are regulations and technologies evolving constantly, many organisations do not have the internal knowledge or resources to build or implement robust compliance strategies. Today’s borderless digital economy brings its own challenges in terms of data protection, and a security breach can mean catastrophic operational, financial and reputational damage.

If your organisation holds personal data, but has never thought about managing privacy, help is at hand!

Frontier Privacy offers a full suite of data protection services, to suit every size organisation. But if you’re just getting started, there are some key steps that we can help you take. We know how daunting this whole area can seem, so we guide you through the entire process step by step.

Get on the road to compliance

It all starts with a data protection health check. We will take you through a series of questions, the answers to which allow us to draw up a clear and easy to understand report. This shows you the status of your privacy management, with an easy to understand traffic light system that highlight your risks and identifies where action is required.

We work quickly to bring you the answers and clarity you need, with most reports being available within a week. After that, we can implement training programmes, or bring in any of the numerous services we offer depending on your needs. Our starter services come as fixed-price packages with clear deliverables.

The first steps

There are three key steps that will get your organisation positioned for compliance. Depending on where you are with compliance, you may need one, or all, of these packages.

01. Assessment

We offer two levels of assessment, the Essentials and the Essentials Plus. Depending on how you collect and use personal data, we’ll run a complete check of your existing compliance and show you what further steps you’ll need to take.

More about assessments

02. Training

Once we understand your situation, we can design a tailored training programme for your staff. We will help you embed privacy into your organisation’s culture and ensure you are backed by the right systems and processes.

More about training

03. Readiness

We can roll out a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strategy across your organisation. A clear action plan will show you what to prioritise, how to monitor and mitigate risk, and how to demonstrate compliance.

More about readiness

Working with Frontier Privacy

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