We guide clients through DPC investigations: responding to information requests, dealing with third party complaints, meeting with the Commissioner’s staff, and negotiating on behalf of clients. Such investigations might look into issues such as concerns about privacy, information security, marketing activity, processing activity, and Privacy Shield obligations.

Commissioner investigations

Data protection has never been more relevant. Regulators have had their funding increased to ramp up their audit and investigative teams. This means that every business is likely to be audited and/or investigated at some point. When this happens it is important that, from the very outset, you work with a team that has built relationships with the Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) and her team, and that represents clients before the Commissioner on a daily basis.

Our understanding of the DPC’s audit and investigation process comes from years of experience working with her office. We have developed a reputation for being firm yet reasonable; not afraid to push back where appropriate, but always in a manner that is professional and credible. When investigations proceed, we help clients evaluate their options and implement a strategy that make the most sense for their business.

Our knowledge-based approach allows us to engage in open, constructive dialogue with the DPC’s team. We understand their concerns and work to address them in the most efficient and effective way.

Access to expertise in the event of litigation

Although our founders are lawyers, Frontier Privacy is a consulting firm, not a law firm. However, unlike other consultancy services, we work hand in hand with our sister law firms – Techlaw Services and Colleary & Co. They can take over in the event of a contentious matter (such as a DPC prosecution) to ensure the smooth continuation of service.

In addition, where a potentially legally sensitive issue arises which could result in litigation or investigation, our Red Flag System activates the immediate transfer of your case to our sister law firms. This ensures that all advice given and documents created are privileged.