We offer a specially tailored package for Human Resources teams, who face data protection compliance issues on a daily basis. Our services in this area can range from giving advice on background checks or Garda vetting, to best practice for staff monitoring, retention of CVs or dealing with sickness certificates.

Protect yourself and your employees

As an employer, if you collect personal data in your business – for instance health data, employee-related information or financial data – you must comply with data protection laws. It also makes good business sense to have a strong privacy regime in place. Not only will this lower your risk from threats such as disgruntled employees, lost laptops, hackers, or complaints to the Data Protection Commissioner, you can also analyse and use the data for business purposes, safe in the knowledge that you are doing so safely and legally.

When you purchase our employer package, we will provide a one-to-one workshop in order to develop an understanding of the data protection issues facing your HR team. We will then prepare a report that lays out any potential problems, makes recommendations for actions to implement, and provides answers to all your data protection and privacy questions.