Our GDPR package can be rolled out in your organisation with minimum disruption to your business. We will explain the impact of GDPR, how to comply, and what issues to prioritise. We provide you with a full strategic assessment and action plan to help your organisation meet GDPR requirements.

Comply with the changes

The GDPR requires companies, public bodies, and other organisations to proactively ensure that privacy is built in to their systems and processes. The regulation highlights the importance of policies, procedures and protocols being in place in every organisation. Without them – you haven’t even started on the path to compliance.

Under the GDPR, you must carry out a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) every time you start a new processing activity. This means that you must consider the effect of your processing on the privacy of your clients or employees. You must then take steps to mitigate this risk and document the whole process.

Getting these processes and procedures right is crucial for your business, and doing so can also unlock valuable insights from personal data that you hold. However, failure to comply with the regulation can result in substantial fines and loss of reputation.

The GDPR requires some organisations to designate a Data Protection Officer (DPO). This go-to person will be responsible for data protection compliance in the organisation. If your company needs a DPO, you can either outsource this role to Frontier Privacy, or ask us to train and support your in-house DPO.

Whatever your requirements, and no matter the size of your project, our GDPR readiness package will allow you to confidently start your organisation on the journey to compliance.