If you have a marketing database, you must comply with data protection and other regulatory laws. We help our clients to achieve compliance with privacy and consumer protection laws, self-regulatory guidelines, the ASAI and BAI codes, and COPPA (applicable in the USA). Whether you use post, email or text to communicate your marketing messages, we have the solution to help your business.

Personal data and transparency

Breach of marketing regulations is the single most common ground for prosecutions brought by the Data Protection Commissioner and can result in both fines and criminal sanctions. Frontier Privacy brings clarity to this complex landscape of regulation – with its many international implications. We develop practical solutions to help you achieve compliance.

Members of our team have worked with some of the most famous brands in the world to find solutions in areas such as advertising. We work with online and offline data companies, social media companies, ad exchanges, insurers, financial institutions, ad platforms, and other third parties – helping them achieve full data protection compliance.