Our Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) package is a new offering in the Irish market and transforms how DSARs are managed. We provide an outsourced DSAR service, managing every aspect of your DSAR procedure – from initial request to final delivery of documents to the data subject.

Access to personal information

With a few exceptions, anyone at all has the right to ask an organisation if any personal data is held about them, and request a description of the information and the reason it is held (Section 3 of the Data Protection Act).

Under Section 4 of the Data Protection Act, data subjects are also entitled to a copy of all their personal data. This must be located, reviewed, redacted and provided to the data subject within 40 days, and it is a task that many organisations find difficult to achieve. There has been a significant increase in these Data Subject Access Requests in recent years, and many organisations find this the most burdensome aspect of data protection compliance.

Outsourcing DSARs

For organisations that simply do not have the internal resources or systems to handle these information requests, Frontier Privacy offers an end-to-end service that provides peace of mind.

We take care of:

  • gathering the data;
  • identifying the data relevant to the request;
  • corresponding with the data subject;
  • preparing and redacting the documents for delivery;
  • sending them to the data subject.

We can also answer any queries from either the Data Protection Commissioner or the data subject.