Data protection is becoming an integral part of the technical development and organisational structure of new products and services. We guide product teams on how to implement measures that ensure that Privacy by Design requirements are met. We ensure that important principles such as data minimisation and data portability are taken into account during the design phase, avoiding costly mistakes.

Putting privacy into your products’ DNA

In an area where data protection legislation is certain to continue evolving, it is critical to include privacy concepts into current and future developments within your organisation.

Privacy by Design is an approach that is particularly relevant for technology products (for example, SaaS or IoT products) and takes privacy into account from the very beginning of a project. The benefit of this concept is that data protection becomes a proactive part of the product, not a reactive task that has to be managed after the fact.

The concept of Privacy by Default is to implement the strictest privacy settings automatically at the point of use. This means that a new user or customer doesn’t need to manually change to the settings to ensure privacy. Privacy by Default also links in with the amount of time that personal data is kept.

This service is relevant across a variety of sectors, with applications such as:

  • the creation of IT systems for storing or accessing personal data
  • developing legislation, policy or strategies with privacy implications
  • designing data sharing initiatives
  • software development and IoT-connected products